Once Gone Review!

Hi lovely people! As you might know by now I love crime,mystery and the supernatural,I do love to have a real book to read,however my 2 generous daughter’s decided it was time for me to have a Kindle,which I must admit I was a bit reluctant about but have to admit it is fantastic and I’m really loving it,thanks girls luv Mamma bear 💘

Anyway I decided to have a look at the books i could download free at first, and maybe a couple of audio books,which i think would be relaxing, “time to stop rambling” I hear you say or just shut up!,he he Well can I say this book definitely caught my eye,hope you enjoy the review.

Once Gone by Blake Pierce.

Womens bodies are turning up on the outskirts of virginia,they have been laid out to look like dolls, the police decide it’s too big a case for them so they bring in the FBI,it seems the most suited agent for this case is Riley Paige who is on involuntary leave,due to the trauma she suffered on a previous case,this one really hit her hard and took a real tight hold on her, not only her but the family and now her career is being drawn into it’s dark clutches.

The strain of all this will she ever get over these feelings and get her life back on track, or will the past succeed and she crumbles?

Deciding that this could be the opportunity to help her fight her own demons Riley takes on the case along with Bill who was her long time partner,if anyone one knows he does how much that previous case had thrown her into this traumatised state,and although he’s not sure wether she should return,he really needs her brilliant mind he’s not ashamed to say she is a lot smarter than him.

Under the belief that this is a killer who obviously has struck before and will continue to kill unless caught,Riley now does what she knows best,she puts herself into the mind of a serial killer, hoping that this will help her or will she be forced to be  faced with things she would rather forget. 

The investigation takes her into the mind of a really twisted killer, more twisted than she ever thought, now in a race to catch the killer she is pushed to the limit, her career is in jeopardy and family in grave danger,but also her fragile mind ready to crack.

 Riley is still finding it really hard to overcome her fears that painfully haunt her,but can she stop the killer or will more innocent lives be taken due to her breaking mind.

This is a dark, fast paced, suspense thriller, I would highly recommend , I  couldn’t put it down you just want to know what’s going to happen next and I just couldn’t put it down.When you find out what has happened to Riley you can understand why she is the way she is.

Little House!

In my eyes  this has got to be the most touching show ever, I love it so much i think I’ve seen every episode a thousand times or more.When my daughter’s go to my mum’s for a sleep over or even a couple of hours if ‘Little House’ is on  she’ll says ” that’s your mum’s favourite programme ever when she was a wee girl”! I remember when the school bell rang on a Thursday for home time,i would run home to sit in front of the T.V  to watch it,I was so excited!

The first episode aired in 1974 I’m sure ” Harvest of friends” when the Ingalls family moved to ‘Plum creek’ near ‘Walnut grove! Charles better known as Pa got a job at Hanson’s lumber yard to help build ‘The little house’and this is where it all began.

I was 8yrs old and I absolutely loved Laura Ingalls,and was quite similar as we were both Tom boyish & we both stood up for what was right, not only for ourselves but for others, Nellie Oleson  was the villain or bully as I saw her,( think we all had a Nellie Oleson in our lives at some point)  but Willie her wee brother was so cute and funny always getting into trouble,I think Laura and him had a few things in common such as how to get their own back on Nellie. Now Mrs Oleson she was quite a scary woman,but she was hilarious and she did really have a good heart, even though she thought she was better than everyone else,she did have a really kind heart (just hid it well).

Believe it or  not there was 204 episodes of ‘Little house’ ending in 1984,and believe you me i cried when Mary lost her sight, I laughed when Pa would keep buying  pains of glass for a sunshine window for Ma (Caroline), that Laura kept breaking by sitting on it etc,I went through all the pain and joy of the Ingalls family especially Laura, her Marriage to Almonzo and the birth of her daughter Rose. I remember saying to my mum that I would love a best friend like Laura ( I even named one of my dolls after her).Needless to say I was devisated when it all ended, I felt I was part of the Ingalls family,know it’s back on the television right from the very beginning and I still love watching it with my children,and the intro music,well what can I say it just brings back so many good and happy memories.

*My dream one day is to visot Laura’s house and museum in Missouri*


Compelling Read!

This book is written in the style of a diary! Dating from March 1659- October 1660,the pages of this diary were found sewn into a quilt that has been lying undisturbed for over 300 yrs,one day it is carefully taken apart for cleaning and from the seams fall scraps of paper which looks like a journal of a young girl,this results in the star of a very powerful and gripping story throughout.

I have to say it did only take a day and a bit to read this book,but it is totally riveting:I starts with 14 yr old Mary Newbury who watches her only family member,her grandmother being tortured and eventually hung as a witch.

Later a wealthy mysterious figure appears and boards her on to a ship heading for a settlement in Massachusetts, on arrival she befriends a Native American boy and his granddad who is known as a healer,she then becomes the centre of a witch trial,I’m not going to go into anymore detail, i will leave you to enjoy the book!

Interesting, at the end of the book there is a request,that if anyone has information regarding any of the individuals mentioned, to contact the email address on back page of the book, so again, you will have to read the book to obtain this.

80’s Teenager!

Oh no I hear you say not the 80’s, but I honestly loved being a teenager in the 80’s,big hair and shoulder pads! I must have used more hair spray,gel and mouse products than I have in a lifetime,our faces were caked in make up ( Even the boys) this came about when bands such as Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet wore make up they were called New Romantics and they looked fab!

Clothes were a big thing too ,I tried to dress like Madonna i loved her individuality she was so different and glam all at the same time ( BIG fan),I loved my ripped jeans, Crop tops,denim jackets,frilly ankle socks and ankle boots in fact most of those styles are making a comeback.

I was never without my boombox,i just love all types of Music.. back then as you know Madonna,Toyah,The Clash,Billie Idol,Japan,Culture Club ( I Actually made a boy george rag doll with make up etc he went missing one day and I found out from my wee sis had given our dog Candythe doll,and she had chewed him up,well I have to say she had good taste,for a dog) Simple Minds,Soft Cell And Prince,however my favourite of all time is Queen they were amazing.Anyhoo I think I’ll move on from music my list could go on for ever.

Getting ready in the morning this took a serious amount of time,make up,hair and clothes all had to be perfect before leaving to go out ( hey I was looking fab Madonna  nbr 2 he he i wish) grabbing my boombox and some favourite cassettes my friends and I headed out for the day,we would all go to the theme park meet up with friends and making new friends,singing,dancing and eating chips (fries) cheese burgers and plenty of Iron Bru (Scottish national fizzy juice it’s amazing),we were having a great time,you just didn’t want it to end but we knew we would have to think about heading home at some point as it was starting to get dark,we never really seen our parents except morning and evening we just had so much fun out doors with friends.(sorry,he he just a had a quick flash back, I  remember my mum saying ” I’ve made this new thing that I seen in the supermarket today see what you think hun” well it looked ok but the taste was certainly different,guess what it was? Guessed it yet? Well I’ll put you out of your misery it was a beef chow mein yeah that’s right not any old chow mein it was a Vestsa meal box,well I can assure you it certainly was different and I can honestly say I would rather eat the dogs biscuits sorry Candy,funnily enough i do still see vesta in the supermarket and giggle to myself,she thought she was making a feast, yuck!!

My friends and  I tried to go to the cinema every Friday,we would walk to the town again boombox in hand singing to our favourite tunes,getting so excited about the movie we were going to see,at that time the big movies were..The Breakfast Club,Officer and a Gentleman,Lost Boys,Flashdance (my favourite) I even bought the album,The Shinning (scary stuff),Top Gun and of course Dirty Dancing we were all fixated on the incredibly handsome Patrick Swazye.

I loved the 80’s, to me it was the greatest era ever for style music (not forgetting big hair and shoulder pads etc) just as my mum loves her 60’s era,we often all get together,glass of Pinot Grigio in hand and enjoy all our memories,laughing trying to dance like back then,singing and giggling ( this is when my daughter’s go OMG how embarrassing and head for their rooms) reliving our teenage years might seem strange or odd to them,but I can assure you in years to come they will be doing the exact same thing.