Little House!

In my eyes  this has got to be the most touching show ever, I love it so much i think I’ve seen every episode a thousand times or more.When my daughter’s go to my mum’s for a sleep over or even a couple of hours if ‘Little House’ is on  she’ll says ” that’s your mum’s favourite programme ever when she was a wee girl”! I remember when the school bell rang on a Thursday for home time,i would run home to sit in front of the T.V  to watch it,I was so excited!

The first episode aired in 1974 I’m sure ” Harvest of friends” when the Ingalls family moved to ‘Plum creek’ near ‘Walnut grove! Charles better known as Pa got a job at Hanson’s lumber yard to help build ‘The little house’and this is where it all began.

I was 8yrs old and I absolutely loved Laura Ingalls,and was quite similar as we were both Tom boyish & we both stood up for what was right, not only for ourselves but for others, Nellie Oleson  was the villain or bully as I saw her,( think we all had a Nellie Oleson in our lives at some point)  but Willie her wee brother was so cute and funny always getting into trouble,I think Laura and him had a few things in common such as how to get their own back on Nellie. Now Mrs Oleson she was quite a scary woman,but she was hilarious and she did really have a good heart, even though she thought she was better than everyone else,she did have a really kind heart (just hid it well).

Believe it or  not there was 204 episodes of ‘Little house’ ending in 1984,and believe you me i cried when Mary lost her sight, I laughed when Pa would keep buying  pains of glass for a sunshine window for Ma (Caroline), that Laura kept breaking by sitting on it etc,I went through all the pain and joy of the Ingalls family especially Laura, her Marriage to Almonzo and the birth of her daughter Rose. I remember saying to my mum that I would love a best friend like Laura ( I even named one of my dolls after her).Needless to say I was devisated when it all ended, I felt I was part of the Ingalls family,know it’s back on the television right from the very beginning and I still love watching it with my children,and the intro music,well what can I say it just brings back so many good and happy memories.

*My dream one day is to visot Laura’s house and museum in Missouri*