Family altogether πŸ’›

Mothers..believe in us more than we believe in ourselves,do more for us than they do for themselves,worry about us more than we realize pray for us more than we’ll ever know,value is more than anything else in the world,give us more than they can afford,love us more than anyone else can and matter more than words can express.πŸŽ†


We should always love our parents.Sometimes we are so busy growing up and we often forget that they’re also growing old.πŸŽ†


Families are like fudge…mostly sweet with a few nuts.πŸ˜€


We didn’t realise we were making memories we just knew we were having fun.πŸ˜€


Family..We may not have it all together,but together we have it all.🎊


Family is where life begins and love never ends.πŸ’›


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