Cause to kill review.

This is such a fantastic read by Blake Pierce, again I read this on my Kindle.

The character is a homicide detective named Avery Black,she was one of the best criminal defence lawyers ever! There was once a Harvard professor she was defending she got off with murder- only to watch him kill again and again.

She has lost her daughter and husband,her life was crumbling around her.Avery decided to turn her hand to a different part of the law.working her way up the ladder she became a Homicide Detctive, to the hatred of some of her fellow officers,who remember what she had done ,and despite her.

Although they hate to admit it they cannot deny Avery has a fantastic mind, so when this really disturbing serial killer strikes fear into Boston,killing girls from a very elite college, Avery is the one they go to.This is Avery’s chance to prove herself.As she will find out she is going to come against a killer  as brilliant and daring as herself.

In this psychological thriller,women are being killed with mysterious clues,the stakes could not be any higher.A race against time results with Avery to go through a series of disturbing and shocking twists- that even Avery could never imagine.

This is a dynamic,heart pounding dark psychological thriller, which I’m sure just like me you can’t wait to turn to the next page.